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The Bitcoin Chaser website reflects my personal challenge to create passive income streams that can offset my income through work.

Why? Because there’s more to life than work. But we need to work to pay bills and rent/mortgage. Right?

Well, I found out there are 'more ways to Rome'. And sharing = caring

In this blog I’m sharing some investment opportunities that I’ve researched myself and invested in with my own money. As we are all responsible for our own choices. I advise you to do your own research as well.

I constantly re access and analyse new information and my intentions is to inform you on my views and personal experience, and if I am still comfortable with a platform or not.

The key thing? Managing risks! If you want to discuss strategies, please feel free to reach out to me on Telegram (link in the menu) and I can share my experience.

Important notice: When you invest, you not only gain profits but you also accept a certain risk. Risk of loosing your investment. Therefor; only invest what you are comfortable to loose.



The ability to withdraw profits weekly (or even daily) and low fees



It’s a big plus if there’s no lock-in period / term, or at least a short one



Preferably a medium investment threshold like $100 to $1000.



Open to all countries. Preferably no KYC, but acceptable

My current Trading Platforms I've personally invested in

D.AI.SYPlatform Logo Finiko

D.AI.SY stands for Decentralized AI Systems and is a disruptive crowd funding model for financial technologies. The underlying technology will be a smart contract based on Tron.

Current Recomendation Status: 15/01/2021 CONCIDER


I registered my Account on the 08/01/2021. You were required to have a TronLink Wallet funded in advance to be able to be one of the first to Register. This was one of the most difficult registrations I had to do, getting a Tronlink Wallet, and funding it was also a mission. Once registrations opened the D.AI.SY the application crashed within half an hour. People as a last resort registering manually directly on the Smart Contract. Getting up to speed with Smart contracts was easy and a lot of videos how to do was flying around.

Trading Profits:

With the faulty Application no Trading or profits and losses could be viewed.

Referral Process:

Not required but it will help if each person at least get three referrals as this will definitely assist everyone with overspill.

My current View

15/01/2021 Currently the registration process is down and I am waiting for the Re-Launch of D.AI.SY 2.0, to see wat it will offer as most people has lost faith and are a bit down and disappointed. My Impression on how the Smart Contract worked and how payments occurred instantly into once own TronLink Wallet from overspill commissions was impressive no need to do withdrawal requests. I can’t wait for the Re-Launch and give them another go.


iQuandex, is rental Bot trading on your behalf. Tartificial intelligence, and the rich experience of their traders, It allows all investors to earn passive income 24/7 without the need for special knowledge or experience

Current Recomendation Status: 10/01/2021 ON HOLD


I registered my Account on the 08/10/2020. Registration and understanding the process getting use too. Also understanding the different Bots. Binance Account is required for API IQBot trading, to set up the API Keys to trade Futures is a mission, but once you get the hang of it, it is not too bad. I recommend to Only use the API keys in order to have Control of you Capital!

Trading Profits:

The Information is available in Binance Futures Account Profit and Loss Details nice to see some real trading for a change.

Referral Process:

Not required, you can get 8% of the bot Rental price if someone use your referral link.

My current View

10/01/2021 Technical error in the tools used to control trading on trust management resulted in failure, and a trade was entered with unacceptable parameters (x100 cross leverage, with all deposit), and resulting in a loss of funds. Currently API trading is working as normal but not showing any real profits after a 20% loss. Funds in Trust management is lost but Iquandex Company taking full pledged to recover all the loses this year. A plan to resolve the situation will be completed and presented within the next three days. The platform is currently being audited. Until the completion of the audit (18 January 2021), funding your account on the platform will not be available.

FINIKOPlatform Logo Finiko

The Finiko is an investment opportunity that attracts private capital to increase working capital, in order to expand trading activities and increase profits. Investments and withdrawals are in Bitcoin (in & out). But is exchanged to CFR (equivalent to USD).

Current Recomendation Status: 30/12/2020 WARNING


I registered my Account on the 17/08/2020. It was quite difficult understanding Russian and navigating through the Platform. Took me six times to get my KYC registration approved as all correspondence was in Russian and I had to Google Translate. I immediately Invested in CTI’s as I saw the biggest benefit in them.

Trading Profits:

The Information is available In the Back Office under Dashboard. Profits paid into your account 5 days a week as well as the Referral bonuses and gets automaticaly added to your Trading Pool Balance.

Referral Process:

Not required, you can receive up to 5% referral bonesus on all products invested with your referral link if you own CTI's, else only on the same product you own.

My current View

30/12/2020 I believe it is time to start giving notice on the CTI's and other deposits with Finiko. A criminal case has been opened against them. This was announced by the senior assistant to the prosecutor of the Republic of Tatarstan Ruslan Galiev. Finiko also failed to get their Broker licence as promised in December 2020. Alarming is also the fact that they introduced a few new products to obtain new investments!


Mirror Trading International is a trading and networking company that uses Bitcoin as its base currency and to pay member bonuses. It uses an automated system that takes the hassle out of trading by doing it all for you. And you don’t need any trading experience.

Current Recomendation Status: 18/09/2020 WARNING


I registered my Account on the 21/07/2020. It was Quite easy; no KYC was required. Transferring funds into my account had to be manually approved and this raised a concern. As this was also the process to withdraw, where someone manually must approve your withdrawal request.

Trading Profits:

The Information is available In the Back Office under Dashboard. Profits paid into your account 5 days a week as well as the Referral bonuses and gets automatically added to your Trading Pool Balance.

Not required, you can receive 10% referral bonesus on all high-water balances from people using your referral link.

My current View

18/09/2020 They are unregulated, and your funds are not safe. Security of funds is a huge problem with unregulated Investment Companies. Mirror Trading International could go bankrupt from one day to another since there are no banking information about this Investment Company. A group called Anonymous ZA dumped what it claims to be the entire transaction history of Mirror Trading International (MTI). As of September 14th, 2020, these are the facts they claim about the company. Mirror Trading International investors have invested 22,984.038907 BTC ($251.1 million). Of funds invested a total of 16,503.804706 BTC has been withdrawn ($180.3 million). Based on returns provided to MTI affiliates in their back office and yet to be withdrawn commissions, 17,247.03597 BTC is owed ($188.7 million) So they owe $188.7 million (could be more now) in commissions but only have $80.2 million to pay out. That’s a $108 million deficit.

Your success = my success. Let's share!

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